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Send SMS from every name or number.
Pay with Bitcoin.
Only $0.10 / SMS
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No limits

No limitations. No verifications. No bans. You get what you paid for.

Worldwide compatibility

We support almost every country and carrier worldwide. Check out the supported countries here.

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Fast and reliable

dSpoof uses an industry standard gateway to make sure your messages arrive within seconds.


API for developers

We offer a powerful, easy to use API that's available to all users. Develop your own tools or services. Read more.

Send messages using your own Sender ID with our
SMS gateway

Reach anyone with dSpoofs worldwide compatibility. Ensured delivery or full refund (your target country/network must be officially supported).

  • Easy to use and mobile-friendly UI
  • All accounts and messages are securely handled
  • Increase sales with our intuitive marketing tools

Create your own tools and services with the dSpoof API

dSpoof offers an open API for all our users. Our code samples and open-source SMS tools are free to use commercially.

  • Easy to implement
  • Versatile, reliable, and just as fast as dSpoof
  • Well documented and understandable for beginners


Unlike some other known btc sms gateways we do not ban your account without meaningful reasons.
We do our best to offer a smooth service without any complications for you.

You can deposit any amount you wish to top up your balance.

Contact us

We offer support via Live Chat.
Average response time is 1 hour.

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dSpoof lets you send SMS messages for bitcoin with your own custom Sender ID. Send SMS from any name or number to any number worldwide. Wether you want to start an sms campaign for your business or even if you just want to prank your friends or test your partner, dSpoof got you covered.
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